Thaddeus Hunnicutt is an established graphic artist and photographer in the Seattle area. Thaddeus has been creating photography and graphic design since he started attending Seattle central community colleges graphic arts and printing program in 2003.
Thaddeus has a unique style of digital art that combines his photography, scanned drawings and vector art to create a impressive graphic story of layered images often composed in Photoshop. Thaddeus uses his photography of models and nature in his art to create a unique organic balance of visual styles. Thaddeus is also a skilled graphic designer having completed a internship with Stienbrueck Native Gallery in Seattle were he did the photography and graphic design for their brochures, fliers and other printed materials. Thaddeus has two graphic arts degrees from Seattle Central Community College one in printing and one in graphic design. During his time in Seattle centrals graphic design program Thaddeus collaborated with and learned from many of the photography students on different projects, this helped him to round out his artistic style by learning how to incorporate photography into a his complex visual story. Thaddeus has had numerous art shows in the Seattle area displaying his art and photography, he has also traveled to California and Oregon to share his works at many art festivals. Thaddeus Thanks his parents family and friends for always supporting his journey as an artist.